Tips for Metal Stamping

Tips for Metal Stamping

Tip 1

Use only high-quality stamps. They are durable, easy to stamp and produce a good impression.

Tip 2

Always practice! It will take some more time to get the hang of doing it quickly and well. Always practice on a few wasted metal blanks before marking your best works.

Tips for Metal Stamping

Tip 3

Make sure that your stamping surface is stable enough. If not, your stamp will bounce, and you will get a double or shaded impression. It is always better to use an anvil. Nowadays, you can buy an anvil of any size, even the smallest one.
You can also use a bench block over an inch thick.
Do not put anything soft under the bench block. We recommend using a bag of earth or sand. You can place the steel block on the bag. That can help to avoid the loud sound and get extra resistance.

Tip 4

Choose a hammer of the right weight. Some dies require more force when stamping. Get a bigger hammer, and you will be surprised at the results.

Tip 5

Use a safety metal stamp holder for extra protection and precision holding. It will give you maximum control and pinch-free stamping.

Metal Stamp Holders for Safe Hand Stamping

Tips for Metal Stamping

Tip 6

Place the obverse of the stamp directly on the metal piece you want to mark.
Take the hammer and make sure it stands upright and does not deflect to any side before hitting the stamp. Make sure the entire surface of the die is in full contact with the surface of the part.
Hit the die with medium force only once to avoid double or shaded impressions.

Tip 7

For big-sized or highly detailed stamps try the tilt-and-tap method. Start by holding the stamp straight and tap it firmly once. Without taking the stamp off the surface, tilt it slightly to the right and tap it again. Now tilt it slightly towards you and tap again. Continue in the same way, in a circular motion, until you complete the circle, then tap the stamp again, keeping it straight. The tilt should be very slight, it is important not to move the stamp from its place.

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