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How do you use a burger stamp?

About Irons for Burgers

The individual branding mark pattern will allow you to put your branded logo on your product by burnout and make it unique and memorable. This branding iron is deeply engraved and allows you to do more than just burnout on burgers or steaks, pita or bread.

Custom Branding Iron Stamp for Burgers, BBQ and Steaks

Follow safety rules

  1. Have your work surface ready by removing all flammable objects.
  2. Always use heat resistant gloves to avoid burns.
  3. Do not leave the heated branding iron unattended.
  4. Avoid dropping the stamp to avoid damage to the engraving surface.

What do you need for burger stamping?

  • A branding iron.
  • Burger buns.
  • Heat-proof gloves.
  • Any vegetable oil in a sprayer.

How do you heat a branding iron for burgers?

There are several ways to heat the branding iron. You can choose the one that works best for you. 

For heating irons up to 1 1/2 inches a regular butane burner will work, a gas stove or propane grill as an alternative, for larger irons we recommend using a propane burner for quick heating.

Tips for marking burger buns

Let's start by heating your branding iron. Take it by the wooden holder and heat the engraving part of the stamp while holding it firmly by the wooden handle.
You will need from 3 minutes depending on the size of your branding iron. We recommend avoiding using buns with sesame seeds. Branding these buns can cause the seeds to burn and cause gaps in the branding iron.

So let's get started, spray the engraving surface of the branding iron with any vegetable oil to prevent the hot metal from sticking to the bun. Avocado oil works well for this.

You should be sure to do a few test marks to find the optimal heating temperature and curing time for your own logo. The best way to determine if the branding iron is heated enough is when the engraving surface of the stamp turns red.

Put the heated iron on top of the bun without pressing too hard so that the back of the branding head does not touch the surface of the bun. Lightly wiggle the  along the surface of the bun to make a clearer mark. This method of marking is especially important for larger sized stamps.
Try not to squeeze the bun too tightly.

What is the best logo design for a burger branding iron?

We advise choosing simple logos without a lot of detail to get a clear, well readable customer mark on the bun.

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