Custom metal stamps and Dies

Advantages of metal Stamps or Dies

There are several reasons for choosing a metal stamp or die. Such a stamp is a practical means of craftsman identification and an aesthetic choice. Such stamps are easy to customize and affordable.

In addition to numbers and letters, stamps and dies can be created from just about any pattern you can think of. It can be your own logo, drawing, letters, numbers, initials as well as other words and symbols.

Custom metal stamps and Dies

Steel stamps and dies are also very durable. They are designed to be struck with a hammer to create an impression. But dies and stamps used in presses are subjected to intense pressure to create an impression. Making stamps from high-quality steel ensures their long life. The tools used to create impressions usually require some effort. Click here to find out more tips about metal stamping.

The ability to use forging dies and stamps with multiple marking methods also makes them an attractive option. While some blacksmiths may have access to a stamping press, others do not.

Using stamps and dies means you can make a bar mark of the same quality by hand as you can with a press, so additional equipment just for marking is not required.

We have extensive experience customizing a wide range of metal stamps for various applications to our customers' specifications. We use only quality metals such as various grades of steel. Every metal stamp that we manufacture starts with optimal proof from our graphics department. This proof is compatible with our state-of-the-art CNC equipment. We pay close attention to detail from start to finish, providing the highest quality metal stamps that support clear prints, imprints, and embossed (convex) marks on sheet metal.

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