Collection: Wax Stamps

A wax seal is an elegant and pleasing way to add an unforgettable personal touch to your decor, stationery, gifts, and packaging.

Our wax seal stamps are designed to give your envelopes, letters, gifts, packaging, and other handmade goods unique design with an old-fashioned character that will never be forgotten.
Stamps are engraved in solid brass with the highest level of clarity and are able to hold the finest details.
Stampsworkshop products are perfect for wedding invitations, unique events, handmade goods, and creative events.

Wax Stamps

If you are still pondering about what kind of design to submit for your personal metal stamp, our designer would be pleased and honored to help you if you don't have your custom logo ready.

Please note that Stampsworkshop respects copyrights and never uses our customer's designs for anyone else.