Laser engraving of Metal Stamps

Laser engraving of Metal Stamps

The Custom metal stamps and Dies by Stampsworkshop are laser-cut using the most advanced technology.

Laser engraving is a unique laser technology that allows obtaining products' bas-relief (3D) images with precision accuracy and the highest quality. This engraving is performed using a special technology of step-by-step removal of the thinnest layers of the steel by a focused laser beam, which is positioned in the desired place of the product with micron precision.
As a result, the steel matrix takes on a relief. Due to the movement of the laser head over the workpiece, the possibility of shaped processing is realized in accordance with the graphic program stored in the CNC memory.

The CNC laser engraver is distinguished by exceptional positioning accuracy and the ability to pass the most complex trajectories in automatic mode.

The undoubted advantages of laser engraving are:

  1. Incomparably better quality of the final product. Perfect pinpoint accuracy and detail. Clarity on the print is significantly higher than that of stamps and seals obtained by vulcanization.

  2. The minimum cost of the final product. That is why our stamps have an affordable price.

  3. High speed of the production process.

  4. Possibility of mass production of seals and stamps. In addition, each unit of production will correspond to the original sample by 100%.

Thus, the technology of laser engraving stamps production consists of the following steps:

1. Creation of the design in a graphic editor.
2. Setting up the image in the software for laser engraving.
3. Processing and installation of the metal base on the working field of the laser engraverLaser engraving of Metal Stamps
4. Launching the laser equipment.
Laser engraving of Metal Stamps

5. Cleaning the ash from the image printed on the metal.
6. Equipping with a holder (on request).
7. Testing of the stamp.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about stamp production or special requests:

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