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Custom Steel Stamp for Blacksmith and Farriers

Custom Steel Stamp for Blacksmith and Farriers

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What is Widest Side?

Widest Side

Steel touchmark stamps for Blacksmiths by Stampsworkshop are made of heat-treated steel, providing extra-long service life.

Our custom blacksmith touchmarks are designed for a clean and deep impression on your forged items.
If you are a Smith or Farrier then the Blacksmith touchmark is an important distinguishing feature as well as part of the stylish decor on your hammers, axe heads, shovels, knives, hammers, swords, tongs, pliers, and other tools and household items, so that no matter whose hand your forged item ends up in, everybody will know who made it.
Blacksmiths frequently choose a simple anvil design stamp with initials inside. But our designers can create something special for you: logo or symbol that best represents you, and identify your work and craftsmanship.

Custom Steel Stamp for Blacksmith and Farriers

Our steel hand stamps are perfect for marking steel while red hot during the forging process.
Blacksmiths and Farriers find this method preferable to get a deeper impression of the steel.

Features of the Steel touchmark stamps:

  • Material: heat-treated steel.
  • The depth of the engraving is 3mm.
  • Each metal shank is 3 1/2 inches (9cm) long.
Please note: the preview will be sent to your mail address within 24 hours after we receive your order.
Production will be completed in 2-3 days after you approve the design.


How To Order A Custom Stamp

1. Inform us about a material for which a stamp is required.
(For Example: Stamp for silver).

2. Choose the widest side of your design.

3. Upload your black and white high-resolution image (in JPEG, PNG, PDF, SVG, AI, or EPS file formats) by pressing the blue button "Choose image".

Or you can also send your image file by email at

If you’re thinking of a stamping need, let us help you design the right custom stamp for your project if you don't have artwork yet. Feel free to describe in a message or attach your freehand drawing (or a picture similar to what you’re looking for).

Stamp Landscape

Black areas of your logo will be raised on a stamp.

Your artwork will be mirrored before the die is made, you don't have to do it yourself.

We'll start the manufacturing process only after you approve the stamp layout.

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Custom hand metal stamps

Our stamping tools are fully customizable with your design.

Dies are laser-cut using the most advanced technology for perfect pinpoint accuracy and detail.