Collection: Custom Steel Hand Stamps

Custom steel hand stamps for metal, jewelry, wood, leather, blacksmithing forging, pipes, knives, & more.

Our steel hand stamps are made from high carbon tool steel and hardened to assure they will give long life when stamping any annealed metal.

They are cut deep and crisp to create an impression that will never fade away.
Such a decorative steel stamp can be used on any annealed steel (non-hardened) or softer metals like copper, tin, brass, bronze, nickel, sterling silver and golden sheet, aluminum, etc.

Most of our metal stamping tools are made to be used with a hammer but we can also make a stamp for the press upon your request.

If you are still pondering about what kind of design to submit for your custom steel stamp, please remember that some designs are easier to use than others. If you are a beginner and this is your first stamp, you may want to consider a simpler design that will be easier to use. If you have a lot of small letters or other details, it will take more skill and experience to use.

Our designer would be pleased and honored to help you if you don't have your custom logo ready.

Please note that Stampsworkshop respects copyrights and never uses our customer's designs for anyone else.