Custom logo metal stamps

How to create a perfect debossing logo stamp to mark your handmade products?

How We Take Your Logo from Digital to Debossed.

So, you have a goal and have decided to create a brand for your handmade products? The very first thing you need is to choose a name and design a logo for your custom metal stamp.

All well-known logos are unique, memorable and stand the test of time. They instantly do what is expected of them: define a brand, set it apart from hundreds of others, and pique the interest of potential customers.

Here are some tips on how to create your own unique logo from Stampsworkshop:

So what type of logo should you choose?

It can be one or more words or a single letter.
Pictures-symbols. These are mini images of objects, animals, flowers, and more.
Abstract. As a rule, it is difficult to say what is depicted on it.
If you choose an abstract symbol, it should be something that represents the style and personality of your brand.
As well as combinations of word and letter symbols.

What key points of my business should my logo reflect?

Your logo, its meaning and shape should give a clear understanding to your customers of what you do.

When people look at it, they should feel the individuality, and the personality of the brand. They need to understand that you are different from your competitors, you are a professional and you do everything to a high standard.

What fonts should I use?

Fonts convey different emotions. For example, a company should be reliable, strong or fair. Your logo should reflect the theme and spirit of your handmade products.  It can be a simple, calm font or an intricate, fun font.

Can I draw my logo or is it better to hire a designer?

Even if you're an artist at heart or have a small budget, it's better to go to a professional. An experienced graphic designer at Stampsworkshop knows what a good logo is and how to make one.

But you need to understand what you want on your own. So think in advance what font, style you want to see. And let us know about it.

What mistakes should be avoided?

The worst mistake is to copy the logo of competitors.

Another mistake can be seeing your logo only on paper. You should visualize it on your handmade products. For example, how will it look on a knife blade, a jewelry item, a clay pot and on your website?

The basic requirements for a logo are:

Simplicity. The simpler the logo the easier it is to remember.
Overall message. Your logo should reflect what your company does;
Memorability. Your logo should help your customers remember you;
Associations. Your logo should evoke only pleasant associations;
Test. Don't trust your intuition when designing a logo. Research your niche, consult with a designer. This will help you choose the right option.

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