Collection: Branding Irons

Custom branding irons for marking your items. Brass branding irons offer an effective way to permanently mark wood, cork, leather, paper, plastic, and other similar materials as well as for food branding.

Marking by burning in is durable, indelible, and chemical-free.

If you are a professional craftsman or it's just a hobby, our high-quality branding irons are capable of making a finished mark that is crisp and clear. 

We make our custom branding irons without an electric heater. So you can use them anywhere without any worries about access to electricity.  Just heat it with a gas burner, blowtorch, or if needed, on a campfire. The simple and fast process which helps your customers build confidence in who you are and the quality you provide.

Custom branding irons

Our branding irons are characterized by excellent quality. A solid brass stamp is paired with a long robust tool steel shaft and a handy wooden handle.

The solid bar of brass provides fast heating due to its good thermal conductivity. Brass retains heat for a long time and allows multiple markings to be applied without constantly reheating the stamp. 

Our designer would be pleased and honored to help you if you are still pondering about what kind of design to submit for your custom branding iron.

Please note that Stampsworkshop respects copyrights and never uses our customer's designs for anyone else.