About Stampsworkshop

Stampsworkshop is a small booming company from Ukraine.

We are friends and coworkers who enjoy our job.

Stampsworkshop makes custom metal stamps, steel dies, pottery stamps, jewelry hallmarks, and branding irons for all your stamping and embossing needs.

About Stampsworkshop

Our high-quality, custom-designed stamps have a place in the workshops of a wide variety of craftsmen around the world:

  • potters
  • soap makers
  • jewelers
  • knife makers
  • blacksmiths
  • metal smiths
  • fitters
  • pipe makers
  • tanners
  • carpenters

Our job is to realize your best ideas for decorating your handmade items. Mark them with your symbol, signature, or logo, emphasizing the originality and uniqueness of each.

We specialize in bringing our customers quality decorative stamps at an affordable price.
We pride ourselves on being a producer of custom stamps for masters all over the world since 2017.
We appreciate your trust and will do our best to make sure you enjoy your stamps.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase for any reason please contact us by email info@stampsworkshop.com and we will find the best solution that makes you feel great!

For more details please look at Return-Refund Policy


We will be happy to find the best solution to your needs.

About Stampsworkshop

Shipping options

We proudly ship worldwide! We've sent cute free stationery to over 100 countries. We offer free shipping for all orders.

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Customer service

We have special support for our customers! Our manager will answer all your questions within 2-3 working hours.



  Marina. Owner, Curator, Manager.

Hello everyone,

My name is Marina. I am the co-founder and manager of the Stampsworkshop team. Happy to answer your questions to create the best stamp for you.

 Evgenii.  Мaster. Curator.

Hello there!

I'm just a friendly man who makes quality and hand-crafted stamps for your business.

 Juls. Assistant, Designer

I am a graphic designer for the Stampsworkshop team.
I'd be happy to help you create a graphic design from scratch, and draw your own logo according to the technical standards to produce your personalized high-quality stamp.