Collection: Stamps for Jewelry

Decorative metal stamps for jewelers let you add character and uniqueness to your creations!

Customize your jewelry with sturdy steel metal stamps by adding whimsical elements or both lowercase and uppercase fonts to metal jewelry.

Metal hand stamps are ideal for use with 24-gauge to 20-gauge soft metals, including copper, brass, bronze, nickel, sterling silver and golden sheet, aluminum blanks, and other pre-cut metal stamping blanks.

Stamps for Jewelry

Whether you’re looking for a personal stamp with your signature, hallmark stamp or logo stamp our experienced engravers can customize it to your specifications.

The experienced designers at Stampsworkshop will help you determine what level of detail can be achieved at different sizes and on different materials. Because a frequent problem for jewelers is to fit many design details into the tiny size of the stamp.

As a part of your quote process, we can help you decide which size of the stamp can give you the level of detail you desire. Moreover, we can assist you in refining your artwork if needed to ensure a clear stamp image.

With both straight and bent jewelry stamps available, you can leave your custom jewelry mark inside of rings as well.

We commonly produce the following types of stamps for jewelers:

straight jewelry stamps for flat surfaces, such as metal tags;

- bent jewelry stamps or hallmarks for the inside of rings.

Most of our steel jewelry stamps are designed to be hand stamped. However, we can also make stamps for presses.

Please note that Stampsworkshop respects copyrights and never uses our customers' designs for anyone else.