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Metal Stamp Holders for Safe Hand Stamping

Metal Stamp Holders for Safe Hand Stamping

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Safety metal stamp punch marker tool holder for extra protection and precision holding.

Hand stamp holders give you maximum control and pinch-free stamping.
Simply place the stamp in the holder, tighten and strike the stamp as usual.

Why it's better to use stamping tool holders?

• They provides protection when striking stamps.
• Comfortable textured handle provides a safe & secure grip.
• Enables a clear view of the work area.
• Easily adjustable - works with square or round stamps up to 36mm(1.42inch) in diameter.
• Holder accommodates single or multi-character stamps.

Features of the metal stamp holders:

  • Clamp and base: Steel.
  • Holder: Plastic.

Comes in two sizes:
Standard (for 0.31-0.67 in | 8-17mm steel shanks).
Large (for 0.71-1.42 in | 18-36mm steel shanks).

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